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Problem #1/8


bridge bidding exercise

Card play

card play
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3NT= 5, 3♣=3, 4♥=2

No singleton, no desire to play another contract than 3NT or Four Hearts. Offer this choice by bidding 3NT.

Card play

Start by playing Diamonds (line of play c).

Given the trump return and the lack of an immediate entry to your hand, you won’t be able to ruff twoClubs in dummy. Therefore, your tenth trick must be the Diamond King. Start by playing Diamonds. Later, when your Diamonds are unblocked, you ruff a Club to get back to dummy so that you can cash the Diamond King (a Spade + six Hearts + two Diamonds + a Club ruff = ten tricks).

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  1. The first bidding question is based on a 14-card hand – so the answer is simple – call the director and apologise for not counting your hand before opening it! I’veplayed against Zia before, by the way – but at least 20 years ago . . .

    • Hi it was an error, we fixed it. Thank you for your feedback! Team Funbridge

    • Hi it was an error, we fixed it. Thank you for your feedback! Team Funbridge

  2. I want to take advantage of these lessons but can’t make heads nor tails of which cards are mine and who is bidding what. The cards above north show 5HCP and yet the bidding shows N bid 1NT. How can that be? I know I’m missing something but to me these lessons are confusing. I’m sure there is good info in them I just can’t extract it.

  3. It is impossible to understand what is happening with Problem #1/8. From the bidding in understand that N opens the bidding with a call of 1NT but only has 5 HCP and a singleton. I do not know of anyone who would bid like this.
    Before even starting this we need to know what bidding conventions are being employed. Otherwise it is a game being played by a mad man!

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