3♠ and 3NT relay control bids


In order to reach a good slam in a suit, you have to discover support, quantify your assets, check for controls and finally apply Blackwood. The process of checking follows the showing of support (excluding expected controls). There is, therefore, little space left to complete all checks before the 4NT level. In what follows you will learn the techniques that will allow you to bid economically.

Introduction: limit supports

A player receiving 3-level limit support for his major has three options:

  • Pass.
  • Bid game.
  • Explore Slam (All other bids).

Limit supports at the 3-level are always direct jumps. They are all non-forcing.

  1. Two different ways to support opener’s major, in SEF these supports are defined identically 4 trumps and 11-12 distribution/honor points.

a) The opening

Deal 1

b) Opener’s rebid of 1♥ and 1♠

Deal 2
Deal 3

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  1. Mille mercis, c’est super car je me demandais toujours pourquoi nos adversaires utilisaient, dans ces cas spécifiques, le 3 NT qui pour nous était final. Et oui, on apprend toujours.
    C’est aussi trés bien expliqué. Bon week-end. Lucie Hser

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