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The new version of Funbridge PC was released a little over a month ago now. After a bit of a rough start, many of you have discovered the advantages of this new version as shown by these customer testimonials:

“The new version of Funbridge is a bit confusing in the beginning… But once you get used to it, you realise that all the features offered make it more user-friendly.”

Player on Funbridge PC since 2010.

“I have downloaded the new version of Funbridge and I have been very impressed. You have done a splendid job with this brand-new version of the software. I had decided to stop using Funbridge at the end of my contract but it made me change my mind.”

Player on Funbridge PC since 2010.

“Thank you and again congratulations on this new software programme! I have waited a long time before giving it a go because I was resistant to innovation, but I have no regrets whatsoever.”

Player on Funbridge PC since 2006.

“Only you currently offer an online version which is user-friendly and full of features (Team Championship, Series Tournaments, Challenges, Federation Tournaments and much more) on so many compatible devices…”

Player on Funbridge PC since 2013.

You should also know that several changes have been made following your feedback and others are in store (among them the “Replay” mode). Feel free to contact us and share your ideas for improvement.

The strengths of this new version

Team Championship
Brand-new formula: 6 divisions, 15 deals every 5 days, teams of 4-6 players.

Series Tournaments
Less constraining: Start in the “New” series and quickly enter the series matching your level.

Federation Tournaments
Take part in tournaments sanctioned by the French, Swiss and Norwegian bridge federations and improve your national rank.

Game Conventions
Set your bidding and card play conventions!

Find a Friend
Improved feature: find your friends in the blink of an eye from the main screen.

Still available and even more user-friendly! Chat with everyone!
Your favorite game modes are still available

Tournaments of the Day

Commented Tournaments

Practice Deals

Exclusive Tournaments

Face the Elites



Other news

World Teams Championships

Funbridge will be the official partner of the 2017 World Teams Championships that will be held in Lyon from 12 to 26 August.

Funbridge will have an information stand at the Cité Centre de Congrès (where the Championships will be played) throughout the Championships. Our teams will be delighted to meet you! Official website

Coming soon! Funbridge Live

A new feature called “Funbridge Live” will become available for the World Championships and allow you to follow the competition matches live for free on the Funbridge app!

This new service will include: matches as they are played (deal by deal), live video of matches and commentary provided by top-class bridge players.

The article by Jérôme Rombaut

Every month read a new article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the magazine “Le Bridgeur”.

RoboCoup: “Choosing a line of play over another one is conceivable if you can anticipate how opponent will react. No certainty at the table but when you play against a robot…” Read article

Enjoy playing tournaments on Funbridge!

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  1. For beginners and those wishing to improve, it would be great if it would explain WHY it suggests a certain play. That’s the kind of bridge program I’m searching for. The hanks and I look forward to your response.

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