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This month we would like to make you discover an essential feature of your Funbridge application: selecting your game conventions (bidding and card play).

Game conventions on Funbridge

Why setting your conventions?

As you know, on Funbridge, you play in South with a game engine called “Argine” in North and against two other engines in East/West.

Conventions help describe your hand during the play in order for your partner to know as much as possible on the cards you hold. They are defined by the two partners who give a meaning to some bids or cards played.

To change your conventions:

– From the Funbridge application for smartphones, tablets and Mac computers: go to My account.
– From the software for Windows computers: click on the button “my bidding system” on the home page of the software.

img2@2xBidding conventions

You can choose between 4 bidding systems on Funbridge: the SAYC system, the 5-card major French system, the ACOL English system and the Polish system.

You can select a level for each system: beginner, intermediate and competition (plus strong two for the 5-card major French system).

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img1@2xCard play conventions

You can choose between 2 signalling systems on Funbridge: no meaning (North will not interpret signals) and classic (Leads: 4th best in notrump and 3rd/5th in a suit contract. Discards: direct).

Please note that you have to select the free profile to set your card play conventions on Funbridge PC.

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img3@2xFree profile
There is also a free profile (both for bidding and card play) allowing you to personally choose the conventions you want to play. However, this profile is aimed at battle-hardened players.


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