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Christmas is fast approaching, so why not treat yourself or make someone’s day?

Lacking inspiration for Christmas presents? Look no further! We have come up with a few ideas of gifts to give your bridge friends…

The brand new computer program GOTO Bridge XVII
For all players!
Developed by our teams, this Windows software is the ideal present for any bridge fanatic! Discover it at
A subscription to Funbridge or a pack of Funbridge deals
For all budgets!
You can give a subscription or a deals pack to any Funbridge player. Just go to the player’s visiting card via the Funbridge app and click “Give as a gift“.


What’s new on Funbridge?

img3_en@2xThe 2016 Team Championship is over

The 2016 Team Championship held on Funbridge for PC ended a few days ago, revealing the name of the big winner: Les Six Compagnons! Regular players of this championship, they had already won in 2013 and 2015.

Click here to view all rankings per division directly on the Funbridge blog.

img4@2xThe new Team Championship

The championship as you know it will not be held next year. But don’t worry, this does not mean that this game mode will disappear!

We are currently working on a new Team Championship based on the same principles as the previous one, but more accessible and offering simplified team management.

It will become available over the next few weeks!

img5@2xThe article by Jérôme Rombaut

Every month read a new article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the magazine “Le Bridgeur”.

Appetite comes with eating: “In pairs tournaments, being hungry for success is a good thing. Squeeze can even turn you into an ogre provided you execute it by the book.”

Read the article

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The whole Funbridge Team wishes you a happy holiday season!


  1. Does anyone know whether the new team championship is to replace the old one or to run alongside it? The idea of having to spllt up our committed and longstanding 5 member team and substitute it with one comprising just four of our present members, with one member having to take the role of a substitute is not at all appealing to us. Nor do we like the idea of a 5-day tournament cycle rather than the convenient weekly cycle that we have had to date. .

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