Our Customer Service Team is growing to better satisfy you!


My name is Julien and I am Funbridge Customer Service Manager.

Today I am writing to you about a very important subject to us and you:


In recent months we have been overwhelmed by the massive influx of new players on the app due to the global health crisis. As a result, our response time to your support requests has dramatically increased.

That is the reason why we have recently taken strong measures to reply to your requests in a quicker and more efficient way.

🙂🙂 + 🛠️ = 🚀

Our customer service staff at your disposal has been doubled and we have invested in a new customer service tool among the top ones on the market.

It is now easier to exchange with Funbridge and you get a faster solution!

What is going to change concretely?

This is our average response time to your support requests. It is a clear improvement on recent months. Next target: 24 hours!

of your tickets are solved immediately (in only one reply). Why not 100%? Because sometimes our advisers need other services like Technical Service to get involved to bring you a solution.

of your tickets are solved in less than 7 days. 10% are solved in less than 24 hours. And as our new recruits gain experience, they will also gain speed and response time will be shortened! 😊

July 2020 figures.

Always by your side if you need assistance!

There are three ways to send us a support request:

Click ‘Contact Funbridge’ on the Funbridge app

Visit our website and click ‘Contact’ in the menu


Click the button ‘Assistance’ at the bottom of our website. You will find answers to FAQs related to your request. Of course, you can still contact us if needed.

I wanted to share this information with you. Rest assured that the Funbridge community is at the heart of our daily concerns. Stay tuned! Other news is coming soon to do even more for you!

Thank you for your trust and see you soon on Funbridge!

Julien CAMIER – Customer Service Manager


  1. I am very unhappy with some of the stupid contracts you are forced into – many of my friends do have the same problem. They don’t bother complaining because nothing gets done about it.

  2. I’ve been trying and trying to contact. It used to be easier.
    I wanted to ask why the little numbers telling me there were notifications no longer appear on my funbridge icon. This is a big miss.

    • Hello, Ido,

      I don’t see any of the messages you’re talking about on your profile. Where did you send these messages, from an email address other than your account?
      Do not hesitate to contact us via the support button available on the site by specifying the email address of your account.
      Have a good game,

  3. Why does the FUNBridge iPad app freeze so much!!! I can’t get through more than 1-2 hands without it freezing up. This has been going on for 6+ months.

  4. Mijn app werkt niét meer…er komt de melding : je hébt niet genoeg krediet meer…maar ik heb een abbonnement…

    • Hallo, Albert,

      Meestal zijn de mensen die dit probleem melden gewoon niet ingelogd op de rekening waar ze hun aankoop hebben gedaan.
      Zorg er dus eerst voor dat u bent ingelogd op de Aldo account.
      Ten tweede merkte ik een kleine anomalie op in de geregistreerde informatie. Ik stuur je een e-mail met de aanvullende informatie.
      Hebben een goed spel,

    • Hello Joyce,
      Because cookies are good… I guess?
      It’s easier for us to help you when we know what you’re looking at on our website.
      If you don’t want us to do it, just say no to the cookie.
      Good game to you,

    • Hello Sanjay,

      I don’t see anything wrong with your account. Are you sure you’re logged in to “whydo you botherme”?
      Yes it is the name of the account currently subscribed to.
      Good game to you,

  5. La aplicación funciona horriblemente mal, bloqueándose continuamente e induciendo a errores.
    Por favor la contestación en Español

    • Hola Juan,

      En primer lugar, lo siento pero mi nivel de español es tan malo que uso una herramienta de traducción. Espero que la respuesta sea legible.
      Con tan pocos elementos, desafortunadamente no puedo ayudarte mucho.
      Veo que tocas principalmente en un iphone. Por lo tanto, le invito a asegurarse de que las actualizaciones del dispositivo se hagan. Limpiar la caché de la aplicación también puede ayudarte a optimizar su funcionamiento.
      Espero que estos consejos te ayuden. Si no, no dude en crear una solicitud a través del botón de apoyo disponible en el sitio.

      Que tengas un buen juego,

  6. I am trying to cancel my subscription but site will not accept my password for me to do it. I have changed password and still will not accept it.

  7. I think the bidding in Funbridge has deteriorated over the past 6-8 months. I have complained regularly about the idea that a 2D or 2H bid over OPPONENTS 1NT overcall is a transfer bid for my partner. My partner DID NOT open 1NT. Also, many times there are no acceptable bids because NOTHING matches the hand. I cannot select a bidding system that matches mine (a fairly simple 5-card major with weak-2s, Jacoby transfers, Stayman) without having to accept other conventions I do not use (like Checkback Stayman, Splinter, whatever). The strong 2C bid seems to have an upper limit of 23 HCP for some reason. I really think it used to be better. I am seriously considering not renewing my subscription next month. This is too expensive to have all this frustration.

  8. I use the FB app on an ipad and it is constantly freezing! So frustrating. This has been going on for over 6 months.

  9. You have a lot of German Players in Funbridge. Could you eventually questions about problems with Funbridge in German language?

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