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Some details still need to be worked out but the next update of your app will soon be available for download! It will include two major new features. Find out more below!

August News

img1_en@2xGiving as a gift

Struggling to find a perfect gift idea for a friend? Your friend plays Funbridge?

Offer him/her a subscription with unlimited deals or a deals pack!

This feature will be available in the next version of the app and accessible from any player’s visiting card.

img2_en@2xNew design

For the sake of harmonisation and better understanding, we have redesigned the home pages of the following game modes: “Tournaments of the day” and “Practice deals“.

In the game mode “Tournaments of the day”, the selection of the geographical area* has been made easier: just click on arrows to scroll the areas.

Finally, the switches allowing you to choose your favourite ranking system (IMP or MP) have been replaced with two separate buttons.

*Reminder: there are 4 geographical areas (Western Americas, Eastern Americas, Europe-Africa, Asia-Oceania), each of them consisting of 2 tournaments (IMP/MP). Tournament starting times differ according to the area selected. Find out more.

What’s new on the Funbridge blog?

img3@2xA new article by Jérôme

Every month read a new article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the magazine “Le Bridgeur”.

Femmes fatales dress in red: “For once, Funbridge presents a squeeze deal commented by Jean-Michel Grosfils. Planning the play and playing it should give you a hard time.”

Read the article


Stay tuned to get the latest Funbridge news!

Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!


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