What would be your next bid?

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Sitting in the South, what would be your next bid?

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Sitting in the South, what would be your next bid?

Knowing that you have 26 points on your side, you want to find the right game.

Shows 5 spades and 5 hearts. Forcing. Artificial bid, essential since as will be explained later, 3 is natural.

It denies 5 diamonds, 3 hearts or a sixth spade since you could show them. It will often become the final contract but no hurry, show your distribution with the forcing bid of 3.

It is forcing indeed but be careful, 3 doesn’t show a heart stopper but 3 hearts! (Partner may have 5.) The bid would be appropriate with an extra heart and one diamond less for instance. Here you might play in 4 on a 5-2 break instead of another better game.

Shows 5-5 but is not forcing! You don’t want your partner to pass with 26 points between you. The bid would show the same hand without the King of Hearts.

Would show 6 spades, often with 4 diamonds only. No need to lie about the distribution! Only has the advantage of being forcing

Let’s suppose that this is your partner’s hand:

Not enough points to bid 2 on the first round. You settle for 1NT. Over 2, you are forced to bid 2NT since 2would show 6 points. The opener’s third bid is therefore very important! If he bids 3NT, he will show 5422 or 5431 with 3 clubs in a maximum hand (it denies 3 hearts). Perfect match with your hand. You gladly pass. Over the non-forcing 3 bid, you will be very happy to pass with your fragile club stopper. If he signals that he is maximum with 3 hearts, you will bid 4. If he says that he is maximum with 6 spades, you will be able to play in 4♠.

Finally, over 3, with 5 spades, 5 diamonds and a maximum hand, you will be able to bid 3, showing a heart stopper better than a club one. Based on the layout above, you will avoid 3NT and rather play in 4♠ or 5, two contracts that are much better.

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