“Well, obviously you don’t need me…”

Bridge article the Sunday Night Question by Wilfried Libbrecht

This Sunday evening, it is Isabelle, my youngest student, who has a question. She is a little sassy but gifted and she loves bridge. She sends me a message to titillate me as usual.

She writes: “Even though I am getting used to beating you often when I have bridge challenges for you, I still need you a little bit.”

I answer: “Oh yes? I thought you already became too strong for that!”

“You know that you are my favorite coach!” she teases me.

“OK, come on, go ahead, I am all ears.”

She shows me both hands and her bidding sequence:

Obviously you don't need me bridge article by Wilfried Libbrecht 2
Obviously you don't need me bridge article by Wilfried Libbrecht 2

I tell her: “Well, obviously you don’t need me because the auction is very good as it went.”

Isabelle: “Yes, we were happy with the sequence and the contract that we reached is very good. It’s a shame it’s going down.”

Me: “What do you mean you went down? The Clubs were 4-1 and you played them the wrong way?”

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  1. I assume heart king lead.
    Draw trumps eliminate diamonds with a ruff. Exit with a heart. They must play. clubs or give you a ruff and discard.
    Perfect elimination with no club guess

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