Watch the matches of the 2017 World Teams Championships live with Funbridge Live!

Funbridge is the official partner of the World Teams Championships that will be held in Lyon, France, from 12th to 26th August 2017.

On this occasion, a new feature called “Funbridge Live” allowing you to watch the competition matches live is now available.

It includes:
– Live presentations of the best matches deal by deal
– Live streaming of the tables with the players
– Expert commentary
– Results and rankings updated live

How to access Funbridge Live
Click the “TV” icon from Funbridge home screen:

Matches are classified per tab in the following order: in progress, soon and archives.

You will find the detailed broadcast schedule of the World Championships in the “Soon” tab.

Select the match in progress that you want to watch and access the commentary and live streaming at the bottom of your screen.

Read more about the World Teams Championships on the official French Bridge Federation and WBF websites.

Enjoy watching bridge matches with Funbridge Live!


  1. Bonjour,

    Pas très claires vos indications : suivre les championnats du monde en direct; vous nous demandez de cliquer l’icon TV et il n’y en a pas !
    Merci de me dire comment faire.
    Luc Robin

  2. Trying to watch events such as the World Championships on my phone, an Android device. It is difficult though as the screen dims if it is not touched every few seconds. Can you add the same feature that BBO have where I can opt that the screen remains active even if not touched?


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