[Video] Milan Macura VS Funbridge artificial intelligence – Episode 22

On Funbridge, the “Challenges” game mode is one of the most popular among our community of players. It consists of challenging another player one-on-one in a tournament of 5 deals (the same for both players). The objective is to score better in the whole tournament to win the challenge!

You can also challenge the app artificial intelligence called Argine (Find out more about Argine). That’s what Milan Macura, a professional bridge player who became Junior World Champion in 2009, does every week. He makes videos so that you can see how he plays and learn from that. His videos allow you to see how you compare to him but it is above all an excellent way to progress. Milan vs Argine, it’s now, enjoy watching!

Milan Macura VS Argine

Here is the new video of the series of bridge challenges between Milan Macura and Funbridge articial intelligence, Argine. Go find out who will win this new match in the video below!

Mark your calendars!

From Saturday 15 to 20 September, we invite you to come and join us to play the exclusive tournament created by Milan Macura. He will be participating too and will be giving a video debrief after the tournament.

To access it, go to Practice > Exclusive Tournaments and click “View all tournaments“. Search the “Funbridge: Milan Macura” tournament and click the star next to it to add this tournament to your favourites and easily find it later from the main screen of this game mode.

Did you know that you can also create you own exclusive tournaments? Entirely customizable (numbers of deals, duration, open to all players or only to your friends …), they will allow you to exchange on the deals thanks to a built-in messaging. Exclusive tournaments can therefore be a real friendly place where you can share and learn. Don’t hesitate to ask all your questions to Milan Macura!

Milan Macura VS Argine AI – Challenge #22

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