Series tournaments: what’s new?

Series tournaments

We are starting this new year with revamped series tournaments! This is an opportunity for us to (re)introduce one of Funbridge players’ favourite game modes and review the enhancements that have been made.

What you need to know

If you had to remember just one thing: series tournaments allow you to compare yourself against players of your level.

If it is your first time in this game mode, you will start in the “New” series with all other new participants. Once you play the tournaments of this series, you will enter one of the 12 series below, from series 11 (beginners) to Elite (expert players).

Twice a month, at the end of 15-day periods, players are assigned new series. Indeed, based on your results and the number of tournaments played, there are three possible scenarios:

  • You will be relegated to the next series down 🙁
  • You will secure your place in your series 🙂
  • You will be promoted to the next series up 😃

The “Series Tournaments” game mode is getting a new look!

We are aware that it may be hard to deal with this game mode because of how it works and looks like in the app. That is the reason why we have decided to revamp it! And what better way to do it than by involving our team of graphic designers? ✏️

The new visuals will make it easier and quicker for you to access all key information. Spend less time reading and more time playing!

Series tournaments forecast


As explained earlier in this article, when a period comes to an end, you can move up or down or remain in your current series.

The “Forecast” section has been redesigned. You can now check your status at a glance before the next period begins. What a change! You will find:

  • Your current average score
  • Promotion and relegation thresholds
  • Your series for the next period if your results remain unchanged

Your most recent tournaments and your bonus tournaments

In this game mode, we are doing the most active players a favour. Every time you play 10 tournaments, your lowest 2 scores are taken out of the calculation of your average score.

A new graph with the last tournaments that you have played during the ongoing period is now available. You can evaluate your performance more easily thanks to our colour code:

  • Each bar represents a tournament that you have played. Its colour shows if you are above (green) or below (red) relegation/promotion thresholds.
  • The tournaments shown in grey are not used for the calculation. 😉
Series tournaments record

The new Series Tournaments main page has been enriched with these fun and modern visuals. Come see for yourself!

Tell us what you think!

“We are committed to making our app, game modes and their associated visuals better. We hope that these enhancements will meet your expectations and improve your user experience. We are looking forward to reading what you have to say in the Comments section of this article!”

Lisa Palmigiano
Lisa Palmigiano – Funbridge UX/UI designer


  1. I think the most important improvement of series tournaments would be the introduction of IMPs-based tournaments alongside MPs-based tournaments. There is a reason why 99% of Bridge books and 99% of instructors teach Bridge to IMPs. To play MPs you need a mindset that not everyone has, on the contrary I am convinced that the majority prefer the one based on IMPs. I have noticed that an increasing number of players are now playing in an inactive series, and this means they have dropped out of series tournaments because they get frustrated with the seeming randomness of the results, caused by the overemphasis on surleveé that makes the game look like the toss of a coin. A couple of years ago I made this proposal and Jérôme Rombaut was very kind to answer me saying that it was a good idea and that it would be taken into consideration in one of the subsequent improvements of Funbridge. I am waiting 🙂

    • I agree with the others that imps should be available. The best bridge players play imps for the most part. I have stopped playing those tourneys because I prefer imps and would rather play the daily tournament just because it has imps. I’ll play again when you add imps to it or have an imps section. Also I don’t understand why Argine makes great leads as your opponent and useless leads as your partner, should be consistent both ways.

  2. I have noticed many times that Argie placed, i.e. my partner, makes frequent mistakes in bidding phase: if South has indicated to have not more than 12 points for examples bids 3SA having only 12 points.
    24 points are not sufficent for 3SA; so why his behawour puts always his partner at risk
    That is only an example but these mistakes put me from level 10 to level 11 all the times

  3. Sorry, changing the graphical representation of already extant features is scarcely ground-breaking.

    When I saw the bulletin I was hoping to read about an improvement to Argine so I would be frustrated less often to get a score in the 20-25% range, and when I went to look what I had done wrong finding I had made the maximum contract with “perfect card play”, yet somehow >⅔ of the deals had played the same contract as I, but had taken more tricks than the maximum.

    I’m happy to succeed or fail on my own efforts, but this requires Argine to play the same for all competitors playing a hand. I find it frustrating that the difference between 25% and 75% is Argine making or not making a mistake.

  4. I agree with walkwizard. Sorry if i am insistent, but this behaviour is due to MP play. With IMPs the overtricks would be less important.

  5. Are you kidding???????
    The current method is very clear.
    The new suggestion just introduces CLUTTER!
    Please refrain from introducing charts and colors. This makes it hard to discern the basic information!

  6. I very much agree with Walkwizard. Argine often misinterprets my bidding. Also his leads in NT hands is pathetic.

  7. Do you rememer 2 or 3 yrs ago you lost me in your system and said i did not pay . I tried as hard as i could to work with you to no success .I don’t see that as good business ..

  8. Changes maded for good reason even the old look was good and familiar with
    All i have to say is why the deals price is too high in which kind of subs offer. In my region “develop countries” the currency to get deals or any kind of offering is an expansive thing to us
    I wish forward FunBridge Inc to gain daily bonuses or give extra discount for p like me to enjoy Bridge.
    I think Bridge is not 100%for Bussiness and you’ll agree

  9. Revamped series tournaments?!
    ! can´t enter the series tournaments and play!
    Is this one of theenhancements?!

  10. It’s been several weeks since I’ve been able to access the “Series Tournaments” on my laptop, because whenever I click on that space, a blank page appears, which forces me to abnormally close the FunBridge website, because even closing the blank sheet allows.
    As I have a “Premium” subscription until July 2023, I am considering claiming compensation/reimbursement for the time that I do not have access to the “Series Tournaments” on my laptop – that is to say for about 3 weeks – as I can only access it via from my cell phone.
    I therefore await with the utmost urgency for obvious clarifications.
    January 22, 2023, Fernão Marques-Queiroz

  11. Há já várias semanas que não consigo ter acesso no meu computador portátil aos “Torneios de Série”, pois sempre que clico no espaço próprio surge uma folha em branco, o que me obriga a fechar anormalmente o site do FunBridge, porque nem fechar normalmente a folha em branco o permite.
    Como tenho uma assinatura “Premium” até julho de 2023 estou a ponderar exigir uma indemnização/reembolso pelo tempo em que não tenho acesso no meu computador portátil aos “Torneios de Série” – ou seja há cerca de 3 semanas – pois apenas consigo aceder através do meu telemóvel.
    Aguardo assim com a máxima urgência por, e naturalmente, óbvios esclarecimentos.
    22/janeiro/2023, Fernão Queiroz

  12. Yes, I find the changes very interesting. However, sometimes I find the results quite dramatic! I have read the observations of others, and they are very interesting! Is there problem in playing with IMP scoring? Many members have also advocated for that.

  13. I am somewhat frustrated when my bidding says 3ntis best, then IA takes it t 4 of a suit. Then results show that 3 not was the obvious bid.
    I have only these tournaments for at least 15 years. It’s all I have time for in my 89th year . I have y paid US$99 for years, but will leave Funbridge if the yearly charge is $249 for me

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