Update: offer a gift to your relatives!


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Here you go! The updated version of your application has been available for a few days. This is your chance to enjoy the latest innovative features detailed below.

Give as a gift


Looking for a gift idea? Lacking inspiration? Look no further! We have the perfect gift!

Your loved one is crazy about bridge? Buy him/her an Unlimited Deals subcription to Funbridge or a deals pack!

This new feature is accessible from any player’s visiting card.

New design

img2_en@2xIn order to harmonise our game modes and make them more user-friendly and intuitive, we have redesigned the home screens of two of them: “Tournaments of the day” and “Practice deals“.Selecting your geographical area in “Tournaments of the day” has been made easier: just click on the arrows to scroll the areas.

Finally, the switch buttons allowing you to select your favourite ranking system (IMP or MP) have been replaced with two separate buttons.


The results of the tournaments you have previously played can now be found directly in the different game modes under the section labelled “Your last tournaments”.

Rankings for the previous period

You can now find the rankings for the previous period in “Series Tournaments”. Just click on the button at the bottom of the home screen of this game mode.

And remember…

img3_enYour first commented tournament is free!

Created in collaboration with professional bridge players, our commented tournaments are accessible from the game mode “Practice”.

At the end of each deal played (a tournament is made of 16 deals), the author of the tournament will provide you with comments helping you understand the subtleties of the deal.

We hope that you will enjoy these new features. Feel free to share your suggestions via the form available here and rate our app on the stores.

Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!


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