Update of your Funbridge app for Mac


Presentation of the new features of your application

An important update of your Funbridge app for Mac is now available for download.

Go to the Mac App Store to update or download it directly from our Funbridge.com website:

bt1_en bt2_en

And enjoy the new features below:

Resize the app


The main window of the app is now resizable. Adjust the size of the window as you see fit. Each block will automatically adapt to the size selected. Tip: select full-screen display to enhance your game experience.

img2_enReorganised “dashboard”

– The left-hand menu is now always visible and allows you to access some features more quickly (e.g. messages, notifications, community, etc.).

– The “blocks” have been reorganised and grouped together based on their function (social features on one side and game modes on the other one). These changes should improve ease of use and make app navigation much smoother.


The window “My account” has been entirely redesigned: clearer and more user-friendly, it will make setting your game parameters (e.g. your bidding system) easier.

Fill in your profile in this window and get free deals!


The display of bidding and card play conventions has been redesigned in the app settings. It is now clearer and more user-friendly.

Also, you can now see the bidding system and card play conventions used by the other players when you review the game. This is ideal to compare yourself to them and progress!

img5_enThe list of online players

The window “community” of your app has been redesigned too.

You can now filter online players per country, series and friends.

Find players of your level speaking your language! Just click an online player’s screen name to open his visiting card and access challenges, messages and two-player practice.

img6Instant messaging
Smileys have been included in the app instant messaging. They will definitely add fun to your conversations! 🙂

Any comment? Any suggestion? We are open to your feedback and here to help! Simply contact us using the form available on this page.

And remember to rate this new version on the Mac App Store if you like it!

Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!


  1. Fine!
    It is really ennoying that I cannot play team tournements on my IPad. When I’m travelling I’ll miss my weekly tournement and I’m likely to be excluded by my team. Any chance on improvement in future?

  2. Hi! This game mode will certainly be present in a future version of the Funbridge app (for smartphones and tablets) but unfortunately we have no date of release to share with you for now.

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