[UPDATE] New feature: card play conventions!


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An update of your Funbridge application is now available for download. Don’t waste a minute and go to your favourite application store (App Store, Google Play or Mac App Store) to install this new version.

Here are the new features:

Card play conventions

Argine, our artificial intelligence, is now able to interpret your card play according to the conventions you have set.

You just have to choose between 3 card play convention systems in the settings of your application: without meaning (North will not interpret signals), classic (leads: 4th best in notrump and 3rd/5th in a suit contract, discards: direct) or free profile (you select yourself each convention).

img2@2xA new language available

Chinese becomes the 11th language available on Funbridge.

You can now play in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Update your application and Funbridge will automatically adapt to the language of your device. .

Spotted a translation mistake? Please report it using the contact form here and select “Translation mistake” as subject.

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Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!

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  1. What’s the name for server communication for the Iphone/Ipad version ?
    I need provider on train to allow funbridge communication on wifi.

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