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Presentation of the new features of your app

An update of your Funbridge application is now available for download.

To install it, go to your favourite application store: App Store, Google Play or Mac App Store.

The new features you can now enjoy include:

img1_enDisplay of the lead

Compare your leads with all other players!
Find the lead played in each ranking. And when arranged by contract, leads are now also taken into account.

img2_enDisplay of alerts

Reminder: in bridge, you have to use the Alert card as soon as you make a conventional bid. In other words, every non-standard bid must be alerted.

On Funbridge, the Alert card will now be displayed by default at the game table and you will no longer miss any conventional bid. As a result, many misunderstandings with your partner should be avoided.

Please note that this feature can be disabled in the application settings.

img3_enList of online players

We have redesigned the “community” window of your application.

You can now filter online players per country, series and friends. This is ideal to find players of your level and speaking the same language as you!

Just click on the screen name of an online player to open his visiting card and access challenges, messages and two-player practice!

img4_enPlay conventions

The display of the bidding and card play conventions has also been redesigned in the application settings to make it clearer and more understandable.

Besides, you can now see other players’ bidding systems and card play conventions when you watch their play again. This is ideal to compare yourself to them and progress!

img5Various optimisations

– Reorganised settings
– Compatible with the new iPad Pro
– Bug fixes

Any comment? Any suggestion? We are open to your feedback and here to help! Simply contact us using the form available on this page.

And remember to rate this new version on the App Store or Google Play if you like it!

Enjoy playing tournaments on Funbridge!

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  1. Firstly best bridge playing website I enjoy very much ,I have a problem with play when I ask for ace with Blackwood I frequently get left in 4 NT so grandslams
    turn into 4 NT making 13 depressing.
    David Graham

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