Update: discover the new commented tournaments!


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An update of your application including the new game mode mentioned in the June newsletter is now available. Discover the new commented tournaments now!

A new way of learning and making progress

Commented tournaments have been developed in close collaboration with professional bridge players.

Barry Rigal

Famous British player, author, journalist and head Vugraph commentator for the WBF.
Philippe Soulet

French player, twice world champion, unanimously recognised as a great teacher, author of many authoritative teaching materials.
Eric Kokish

Canadian professional coach, author, consultant and player (four top-three finishes in major world championships).


img1_enWhere to find them?

Commented tournaments include 16 deals and can be found in the “Practice” mode of the Funbridge app.

img2_enWise advice

At the end of each deal played, the tournament’s author will provide you with comments allowing you to understand the subtleties of the deal.

Then you will have the possibility to replay it in order to put theory into practice.

img3_enYour first tournament for free!

Commented tournaments require specific credits (1 credit = 1 tournament of 16 deals).

Various offers are available in the Funbridge shop.

And we offer you to try out one tournament of 16 deals for free!

We hope that you will enjoy this new game mode. Feel free to send us your feedback using the form available here.

Have fun playing tournaments on Funbridge!


    • Hi Linda, in bridge, you must use the alert card as soon as you make a conventional bid. In other words, each non-standard bid must be alerted.
      The X means “double” (and XX “redouble”): a natural double means that the player believes that the opposing partnership will not make their bid.

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