True or False: Special leads

Bridge article special leads by Michel Bessis

There are “rules” circulating in every bridge club, but their veracity is not always confirmed. Here, we offer to unravel the true from the false for you. This month, these “facts” concern the opening lead.

The questions

1. Against No-Trump

  1. Leading the Queen in an unbid suit promises the Jack.
  2. Against 3 No-Trump, if you have two five-card suits, lead from the better one if there is no indication.
  3. With AKJ3, lead the King.
  4. With AQ109x, you always have to lead the 10.
  5. With A42 in partner’s suit, you must lead the 2.

2. Against suit contracts

  1. To lead a trump, it is better to have three small than two small.
  2. You must avoid leading a doubleton like the plague.
  3. With 987, you must lead the 9.
  4. If you have raised partner’s suit, you must lead the highest from four small.
  5. You don’t underlead a King against a slam.


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  1. The format of the article could have been improved by putting the explanations after every statement instead of at the bottom to save from scrolling up and down throughout.

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