Tom Drijver’s Analysis – February 2024

Tom Drijver's tournament deal analysis

Did you play Tom Drijver’s tournament in February? Our Funbridge ambassador and Dutch champion shares his top tips with you in this article.

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  1. Mit der Reizung bin nicht einverstanden, vor allem wenn ich in der erste Hand nicht Kontra, sondern ein Pick geboten habe. Ich würde 3 Herz anbieten, weil die Pick nur füfer ist!

  2. I agree with your recommendation, if you modify it by recommending bidding a 5 card major. With 5 in a minor and 4 cards in the unbid major I would double unless the suit quality was very different.
    for bidding 3 H or 3S I I think it depends on bidding style. I would bid 3H as as little as xxx/KQxx/xxx/Kx or similar will make 4H but be OK for a 4-1 spade distr,

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