The latest new features on Funbridge


Funbridge has evolved a great deal lately. That is why today we would like to update you on the latest changes and new features brought to your bridge app.

Your opinion is very important to us, so feel free to share possible ways of improving Funbridge as well as your ideas of new game modes. We are open to your comments! You can reach us here: contact the Funbridge Team.

Here are the features brought to the app over the last 6 months


New game mode

“Face the Elites” is the latest game mode.

It enables you to replay tournaments from the Elite series and compare your results with the best Funbridge players.

img4_enCompare leads!

The lead played by each player is now displayed in the app rankings.

img6_enAvailable in 13 languages

The Funbridge app is now available in 13 languages: French, English, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, simplified and traditional Chinese.

img1_enNew design

The home page of the app has been cleaned up and now offers 3 main buttons.

A new side menu allows you to access some app features more easily.

The way game modes are displayed has also been redesigned to make them more user-friendly.

img2_enNew conventions

Three new bidding systems: ACOL Strong two, Nordic (beginner, intermediate, competition) and NBB Standard (beginner, intermediate, competition).

Two card play signalling systems: without meaning (North will not interpret signals) and classic (Leads: 4th best in notrump and 3rd/5th in a suit contract. Discards: direct).

img5A resizable Mac version

To improve your game experience, the main window of the app is now resizable. Resize it as you see fit and each block will automatically adapt to the size selected.



  1. I wish to register for a yearly subcription and start playing.
    I have tried without luck to log in to the 50 free b playing games

    • Hi Julie321, you can delete a player from the challenges page by clicking the dustbin icon, in the top-right corner.

  2. I love this website! I am currently playing tournaments. What happens after you play 20?
    Do you place us in groups according to our scores? DoI just keep playing tournaments?

    • Hi Eloisa, I guess you’re talking about the tournament of the day. Once you’ve played 1 tournament of 20 deals, you can play a new one. 8 tournaments are available, 2 per geographical area, one with MP ranking and the other one with IMP ranking. For your information you are ranked among the players who have finished the tournament.
      If you need more information about these tournaments, I invite you to read our FAQ:

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