The English Bridge Union tried out several bridge apps

The English Bridge Union tried out several bridge apps

In its December 2015 issue, the English Bridge Union (the equivalent of the English Bridge Federation) reviewed the different bridge apps available on the App Store and Google Play.

The apps are rated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Graphics (visibility, buttons’ size, card design, resolution, contrast).
  • Accessibility (easy to use, navigate, find things).
  • What you get (free, you have to pay).
  • Customisability (conventions, strength, speed, card face, colours, background).
  • Teaching level (amount of teaching input from the app).
  • Artificial intelligence (does the app play, bid, defend well?).

Funbridge was among the apps reviewed and got the highest overall mark!

Find out more about this review in the article below (in English). Click on the image to enlarge.




Source: The EBU members’ magazine, December 2015 – Issue No. 262

EBU website:


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