Major novelty coming in the next few days…

That is no secret:

To be able to dominate their discipline, champions are surrounded by the best consultants and tools. 🥇

Well-guided, they make rapid and spectacular progress! 📈

Imagine that you can enjoy such first-class follow-up tools and resources too… 👑

This logically results in you making incredible progress and quickly moving up ranking lists on Funbridge and in face-to-face tournaments. 💪

Tempting, isn’t it? But how to make this dream come true?

Your wish is granted!

In a few days’ time, you’ll be given the opportunity to live out your passion for bridge thanks to a genuine champion training programme including:

Preset deals bridge

Commentary by bridge experts on preset deals

Deal analysis bridge

Sharp and thorough analysis of the deals you play

bridge problem

Numerous bridge exercises, articles, reports and videos

And much more… ALL THAT ON FUNBRIDGE! 😱

Want to boost your bridge level?

Stay tuned! We’ll tell you how within the next few days.

Team Funbridge.


  1. I’m looking forward to an analysis of my played hands. There are enough of them and I’ll bet there are repetitive mistakes that I make!

  2. I really enjoy Funbridge-wish I was a better player but think it’s too late-
    I’ll keep struggling along. Jean

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