Survey – Your opinion about the new version of Funbridge

Since 21 October you have been able to play bridge with the new version of Funbridge. The enhancements made include a revamped interface and a homescreen highlighting our special tournaments and top news.

Today we would like to get your feedback on this new version. It will help us better meet your needs for future app developments.

Click on the button below to start:

Please note that as is already the case with our latest new features, the new version of Funbridge is not included in the downloadable version for PC and Mac. Log in to our version for web browsers using a PC to discover it.


  1. New Version is useless compared to old version or even mobile app. There are two major handicaps. When I click on notification that you win by 10-1, I do not get to see the details. And It is very difficult to challenge a sequence of player as after every click, it goes back to the top and one has to scroll down all the way again.

  2. Hi. Not too impressed with the new format. Do not like how I cannot see what tricks my opponent has won when I watch the replay of her play. Would like to see this reinstalled. Thanks.

  3. I do not like the new version as well as the old version, you can not see things you used to be able to see when playing against an opponent. Do not like the blinking name either. The old version was clearer and easier to follow.

  4. For goodness sakes…. why not make the cards in the West / East position in a position that is easy to read instead of facing in the direction of the mythical player????? There are no others sitting at the table… we are virtual. Why not make it easy to read? Make the user interface as easy and clear as you can!!! Where is your email address for feedback? Love the four colours though!!

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