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Teams. Dealer North, All Vul.

North opens 1♦. For your part, sitting South, you pick up a hand without Aces, but with high potential:

Stronger than Caesar
(1) Trial bid.
(2) 0 or 3 keycards.

When your partner’s response to your trial bid is positive (4♥), you ask for keycards and then bid 6♥. West leads the King of Spades:

Contract: 6 Hearts. Lead: ♠K, won with the Ace (the 3 from East).

Count your winners

You only have four from the top with Ace-King of Clubs, the Spade Ace and the Diamond Ace. Fortunately, you will quickly get five more thanks to the Hearts.

What is the simplest solution that comes to mind?

Trying the finesse against the King of Diamonds. If it is successful, you can collect three Diamond tricks and then a Club ruff in dummy would be enough to get your trick count up to twelve.

But is there a plan that allows you to make even if Cesar, the King of Diamonds, is offside?

Yes, but to do this, you must change your base hand and set up a dummy reversal ‒ in other words, ruff three Spades in your hand. However, since this plan requires other favorable conditions to be fulfilled, you have to check first if it is really viable. In any case, it does not cost anything to immediately ruff a Spade to initiate said dummy reversal.

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