Special tournament: win ACBL credits

If you are following the news on the blog or the app, you already know that we started to run ACBL tournaments on 26 March. If you are an ACBL member, you can earn Masterpoints and try to move up the national ranking.

Good news, we have decided to spoil you next Sunday! Play the ACBL tournament on 28 April and try to win credits to play even more tournaments!

How to win ACBL credits?

All you have to do is play the tournament scored by MPs to be held on Sunday 28 April and reach the top 3 or get as close as possible to one the following percentages but don’t exceed it: 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%.

Take a look at what you could win!

1st place : 10 ACBL credits
2nd place : 6 ACBL credits
3rd place : 4 ACBL credits

Other winners will each get 2 ACBL credits.

How to access ACBL tournaments?

To register for this tournament with prizes awarded as well as other ACBL tournaments, open your Funbridge app. On the home screen, go to Play a tournament > Federation Tournaments > ACBL – Masterpoints

ACBL tournaments in a nutshell

18 boards
2 daily tournaments
IMPs and MPS
All-day tournaments

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