Join top players in series tournaments!

After weeks of hard effort in series tournaments, several hundreds of talented players made it to the Elite series by 1 January 2020. Well done!

They have been exceptionally rewarded with a “2020 Funbridge Champion” Collector’s sweatshirt. We have recently received many pictures of freshly-crowned Funbridge Champions from all over the world! 😃

What are series tournaments?


Series tournaments allow you to pit your skills and get ranked against players of your level.


Twice a month how players are split into series is recalculated, which means you can be promoted, relegated or secure your place in your series.


There are 13 series on Funbridge from the lowest to the top one: Series New (for players who have not played in series yet), Series 11, Series 10, …, Series 1 and Series Elite.

Try for yourself!

To play series tournaments, open the Funbridge app and go to “Play a tournament” > “Series tournaments”.