Special guest : Sanna Clementsson

Sanna Clementsson

Sanna was born in the southern part of Sweden but moved to Stockholm at 18 in order to play more bridge. Today I’m 22 years old and am studying medicine while trying to make room for as much bridge as possible.

🏆 Palmarès

  • 2017 : U21 European Champion
  • 2018 : U21 World Champion
  • 2019 : Gold Medal in Venice Cup
  • 2019 : European mixed team champion
  • 2019 : National Mixed Swiss teams in Las Vegas
  • 2022 : Gold Medal in Venice Cup
  • 2022 : Silver medal in the European Women’s Championship
  • 2022 : Silver medal in the Open Mixed Teams Championship

🎤 Interview with Sanna Clementsson

  • At what age have you started playing bridge?

I joined my parents for a beginner’s course when I was 13 and have been playing ever since.

  • What is your current national ranking?

National ranking : 81

  • What is your best bridge memory?

There are so many great bridge memories, but one of the best ones would have to be winning the U21 European Championship in 2017. We were not one of the favorites to win and started off the championship very badly. But halfway through things started looking up for us and after the last match we had won by less than an IMP! It was my first time winning an international tournament and it was such a high. Sweden’s U26 team also won in their category and we had a great time celebrating.

🎤 A few words about “Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is a disease that affects everyone. A lot of progress is being made, but we still have a long way to go and spreading awareness is an essential part. I am very happy that Funbridge is endorsing this important cause and am proud to be able to be a part of it.