The big winners of the All-Star BIC

The All-Star BIC took place from 6 to 10 July and gathered the top 200 players from BIC editions in an ultimate competition.

🏆 The event

The All-Star BIC was not to be missed on Funbridge. Only the 200 players invited could participate in this major competition and over 137 players made it to the final. Congratulations to them!

Find out what the 3 big winners of the All-Star BIC thought of the event now!

🥇 First place:

Milan Macura

The Czech bridge champion stepped into the world of bridge at the age of 10 when his grandfather introduced him to the game. Former President of the Czech Bridge Federation, Milan Macura is an experienced player as well as a renowned bridge teacher. More than just a coach, he is also a proud father who wants to pass on his passion to his students and perpetuate bridge.

  • Why do you like BIC-like events?

BIC competitions are something extra to put on my calendar. It is always challenging to play against so many players and I like to play in my free time, not being pushed to play at a specific time. My family appreciates that very much.

  • What are your impressions of the All-Star BIC?

Organizing an all-star event only for the best players from the previous events makes the competition very attractive. I’d like to have even more challenges and days for playing the final in the next edition! Otherwise, I like the organization very much.

  • Are you proud of the title of Grand Champion ?

When my daughter (3 years) was born, I didn’t have many chances to compete in real-life competitions, also due to COVID. Having the opportunity to play against the best players online and compare individual skills is superb for a parent.
The more I am proud of myself that I have managed to beat all the players on 48 deals with parallel care of my daughter. I played the last 4 tournaments on the playground .Having such success confirms I am on a good way in evaluating the hands and bid and play according to the standards which I have put together in past few years. Those who spectate my streams already know how much they can add to their game with just a little bit of effort.

🥈 Second place:


He started playing bridge with one of his friends when he was a student back in 1982. He registered on Funbridge in 2019. He particularly like playing on Funbridge with his team “Corsica Team”.

  • How did you develop a liking for bridge?

We used to play a game just for fun against our teachers every day around a coffee at lunchtime when we were studying at the School of Chemistry in Marseilles.

  • Do you have any rituals before taking part in a big competition?

I don’t really have any ritual before a competition but I prefer playing easy deals with nothing at stake as my brain is still asleep.

🥉 Third place :


Houhou has been playing bridge for 34 years. In my university NCKU ,bridge was a popular game. So I started playing bridge because my classmate invited me to play this game. And from that time, I can’t help fall in love with this game till now.

  •  What do you like most about Funbridge?

Funbridge can play with many country’s bridge player. It’s a pleasure to compete and learn with many experts. In all funbridge’s game, I  like most is team’s game. Every month ours team competes with every country’s team. It’s  about team’s honor. So this game will force me to play more harder then others game.

  • Do you have a little ritual before playing on Funbridge?

Before a big game when I needed to forcuse my mind. Sometimes I sat in my home’s massage machine to relax my body.

  • Do you have any tips for starting/playing bridge?

1. Reading a bidding system
2. Find a patient teacher to lead you
3. Give a enthusiastic heart to bridge and she will pay you back more pleasure time for a long time.

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