Sitting North, what would be your bid?

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Sitting North, what would be your bid?

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Holding this 12-point hand, you investigate to find the best game:

The forcing and all-encompassing redouble is a mandatory way of treating this hand: you will have plenty of time to bid Clubs later on. Note, by the way, that this bid does not give any information about your hearts but does, however, deny four cards in Spades.
Note : 20/20

The not-very-descriptive 3NT bid, though it might derail the opponents on the lead, prevents you from finding a club fit. You would have regrets upon seeing Dummy if it contained a singleton diamond.
Note : 15/20

The 2C bid would have been your first choice without the double. In this new context, it describes 6 cards in Clubs (or even 5 good ones) and a hand weak in high-card points. Do not be so pessimistic and try to look for a game.
Note : 10/20

The forcing 3C bid is fit-showing. It describes a hand comprising at least 5 cards in Clubs along with a decent fit in Hearts. Although its forcing nature appeals to you, the absence of a heart fit dissuades you from making it.
Note : 5/20

We continue the bidding…

Although both opponents have thrown their hats into the ring in this sequence, your partner describes his two-suiter naturally with a bid of 2 Clubs. Do not get carried away and reconsider your cards; your partner’s last bid tells you about a club fit of at least 10 cards. Continue to find out about his hand with a cue bid of 3 Spades.

Your partner then replies with 3NT, showing a spade stop. As the opponents have shown a fit in that suit and you have 3 cards, you can credit your partner with Kx, which increases the value of your hand by reducing the number of spade losers to zero!

As you will have realised, it is sensible to continue the conversation with a new enquiry: 4 Clubs. Over this, your partner shows a control with 4 Diamonds, so you then bid Blackwood, over which you hear two key cards and the Queen of Trumps. It is then reasonable to bid 6 Clubs, which will be the final contract!

The full deal:

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  1. A great lesson to bid slowly with a good.hand and cooperate with partner to find the best contract. It is important to agree with partner what bids are forcing when you have a good hand after an intervention.

    • Roman key card black wood…4 different responses 5c, 5d, 5h or 5s;
      5c is 0 or 3 keycards, 5d is 1 or 4 keycards, 5 h is 2 or 5 keycards without the Trump queen and 5s is 2 or 5 keycards with the Trump queen

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