The Bridge University (BU) is the part of the French Bridge Federation (FFB) that is charged with education, youth bridge and research. Besides its well-known publications (“Le Bridge Français”, “Bridgez”, “Le SEF” and “Les cahiers de l’UB”), it organises several tournaments with hands that are prepared specifically for newcomers. Jean-Pierre Desmoulins, Head of the BU, presents some chosen pieces to you.

The pupils’ simultaneous is a monthly accession tournament that is organised by the Bridge University with prepared deals. It is typically intended for newcomers in the second year, but any player who is sufficiently low in the federation’s ranking can participate. This is the perfect opportunity to organize a friendly tournament that will allow newcomers to start having fun in competitive bridge.

Here is a deal played in the Clubs during a simultaneous a couple of years ago, rotated 90 ° for greater convenience of reading.

How would you have bid these two hands, knowing that East opens 1♣ and that the East-West side then always passes?

Dealer East. All Vul.

South’s hand is worth 17 points, so he overcalls with 1♥ – a take-out Double should only be made with a hand worth 19+ points. North raises to 2♥ thus promising at least three Hearts and 6-11 points, distribution included. South can now re-evaluate his hand, counting additional points because of the fit, and knows that his side has a total potential of 27-32 points including distribution: he bluntly jumps to game.

The complete auction:

West leads the Jack of Clubs. Let’s start by assuming that East wins with the Queen, cashes the Ace and then switches to the Jack of Diamonds.

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  1. Excellent as would have likely overlooked that 2nd diamond discard possibility on first glance and instead have tried the Queen finesse thinking I had nothing to lose.

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