Overcalls in the pass-out position

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Compared to an overcall in seat n°2, the number of points required for an overcall as n°4 is significantly reduced. The consequence is that we have to be all the more careful when responding to a balancing call.

Deal #1

The dealer, North, opens 1♣.

East doesn’t have an adequate hand to overcall or double on the first round: he has no five-card suit and he only has two Hearts. He is very interested, however, in entering into the auction in the next round over his partner’s balancing overcall, which shows 8-12 HCP and five Hearts. He changes suits at the one-level and suggests Spades as trumps. This is not convenient for West, who reverts to 1NT.

Deal #2

The dealer, South, opens 1♥.

A jump overcall in a new suit in the passout position shows 11-13 HCP and a good six-card suit. West has only 11 HCP facing this jump, but he has a big honor doubleton in partner’s suit plus a double stopper in Hearts. It is therefore more than reasonable to try 3 No-trump.

Deal #3

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