Open Tournaments, what do you think about them?

Available for more than a month now, many of you have tested the Open tournaments.

We are aware that they didn’t brought unanimity. Today it is time, after one month of availability, to see with you where we should go with them. This is why we would appreciate your feedback on them.

How to let us know what you think? Easy, just click the “Comment” link below this topic and answer the question: “If you where Funbridge, how would you organize the Open Tournaments today, keeping in mind that their goal is to enable all Funbridge players to take part in them and to get their results almost at the same time”.

It is your turn now; let us know what you think. Click the “Comment” link bellow and share with us your insight on Open Tournaments!


  1. Simply read the posts in the forums…
    Many players left FB for that issue, at least i dont see many very active players anymore.
    Simultaneous tournaments had a much larger number of participants – often up to over 40.
    There was a competition and noone could buy his ranking.
    Reestablish a competition system without a currency like funnyz, because paying for losing counts the weaker players out. Combine it with an ELO-like system which i would consider an improvement to the cumulative system used before.

  2. If you say that ALL players should be able to participate in the open tournaments,there should be at least a limited number of tournaments be available to the non-premium players

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