New Year Funbridge Points Tournament

New Year Tournament

New Year Tournament is a Funbridge Points tournament of 10 deals scored by MPs. It will run from 01 January to 2 January.


Here are three ways you can win a prize:

🏆 Reach the top 3

Give your best and reach the top 3!

1st: 150 Diamonds
2nd: 100 Diamonds
3rd: 50 Diamonds

Try your luck! You have a chance to win even if you are not among the best 3 players.

🎯 Be precise

Try to get the closest score to 40/50/60/70% without exceeding these thresholds and win 25 Diamonds.

🍀 Luck factor

Whether you are lucky or not (sometimes your luck turns…), take part in the tournament! Indeed, 5 players will be drawn by lot and will be offered 25 Diamonds.

How to participate?

To register now, go to:

Play a tournament > Federation Tournaments > Funbridge Points > New Year Tournament.

Happy New Year and enjoy the tournament! 🎉

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