New version of GOTO Bridge XV, in English!


* Prices in other currencies: 59.90 € instead of 79.90 € / 58.80 CHF instead of 78.43 CHF / £ 44.76 instead of £ 59.71


GOTO Bridge is only available on Windows computers.

The “correction” mode is the MAIN new feature of GOTO Bridge XV.

Get a preview of this new mode below.

image1 Correction of bids

GOTO Bridge will correct your bids, explaining your mistakes. If the bid played seems incorrect, a dialogue box explaining why will open and will ask you if you want to cancel the bid, confirm it or if you want to be advised by GOTO Bridge.

image2 Correction of card play

GOTO Bridge will show the best card to play to take the highest number of tricks for the deal. Just hover your mouse over the card that you want to play and we will show you the final result of the contract if you play this card (and the next ones to best serve your interests).

image3 Advice at the end of the deal

Stop wondering about what you could have done better during your game, GOTO Bridge will tell you at the end of the deal!
Example: at trick no. 6, you should have played the heart jack instead of the heart ace to take two extra tricks.
Then you will have the possibility to replay the deal from the moment you made a mistake and try the suggested solution. This way, you will end the game with a better score!



    • The bridge can be frustrating at times. Often gets angry against his partner. Often did not understand. Have you set your bidding conventions in Standard American/ACOL? Are you sure to play the right contract? The correction mode can help/explain you.

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