Preview: get a sneak peek into the new series tournaments!

Series tournaments

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Funbridge in this article! 👀 You are about to discover the first visuals of the revamped series tournaments – one of your favourite game modes on Funbridge – coming soon and details about the reflection process.

How series tournaments work is not always easy to understand for newcomers to Funbridge. That is why we have decided to focus on new visual elements providing players with clear information on their status. I will explain everything, keep reading!

Badge Elite series

At the end of this article and for the very first time in the history of Funbridge, as a Premium+ subscriber, you will also be given the possibility to try the new features before anyone else and share your feedback and suggestions! 🙂

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  1. Looks good so far, although I’ve only played one tournament this period. It will be interesting after I play some more to see how it looks. Thanks for the opportunity to be a beta tester. I hope there is more of that.

  2. Looks pretty good. Yes the graphs are much more informative as to what sets are being “forgiven”.Is there an explanation somewhere as to the meaning of the colours in the pie chart represent? It is reasonably obvious but maybe a literal explanation would be useful for the more textual users.
    Naturally those more familiar with text will not be positive, but overall I support the concept that the graphics bring more simplicity and clarity to the table.

  3. When looking at the Overall Rankings of My Friends, I would prefer them all to be loaded immediately rather than just the first 5, so that I do not have to click on View Full Rankings, because that is what I would do every time so they may as well always be loaded immediately to save me time.

  4. The card play animation in the beta version seems more jarring. The live version is smoother the way the single selected card is expanded rather than the whole suit. And the beta version is especially jarring when the card suddenly stops animating when you mouse over it to confirm the play. I prefer the current live version.

    • Hello petero2, thank you for your feedback !

      As you noticed, this beta version also includes work in progress on the game table, especially on improving cards and icons (nothing new visually, only technical updates).

      Thanks to your comments, we corrected some bugs. If you see anything specific on the next update, please let us know !

    • Thanks, Arnaud. It’s good to have the confirmation animation fixed – it was unplayable as it was. I still prefer to have the specific card I’m hovering over to be highlighted or enlarged in some way, rather than the whole suit, so I know it is choosing the card I want. I expect that is even more important for those who do not have that second confirmation as it would be too easy to play the wrong card.


  5. In my opinion, once again, you are over-complicating, and presenting VISUAL CLUTTER. You have done this with the Challenges section….added clutter, making it HARDER to find the basic information one looks for. Too many colors, muddled colors, placed too close together and making it HARDER to see the information that had been very clear in the (now) previous iteration.
    These changes have made Funbridge less fun….for me, as well as some of the other Funbridge member with whom I play…they have expressed the same frustrations.

  6. The new Series icon when showing the series number for a friend is harder to read. The numbers are smaller due to the new rectangle on top as part of the design, and the colours are lighter, which greatly reduces the contrast on a white background, and the smaller size & lighter colour makes them much harder to read. I prefer the live version of just the circle, larger numbers and a darker colour.

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