New game engine

A new version of the FunBridge Game Engine is now available.

As of monday, april 11, 2011, this new version of the Game Engine will be active over some practice and open tournaments. It will be available over the daily tournament as of tuesday, 12 and over the tournaments called “Playing in your serie” as of april 16th which correponds to the begin on a new period on FunBridge.

The upgrading of this new game engine version will occur automatically from the software Funbridge. If this automatic update does not occur, please download and install the last version of FunBridge (which includes this new game engine as of monday) directly from the website

Details about this new bridge engine:
– Correction of intempestive pass : over BW, cue-bid, 4th suit, BW answers.
– Included : all developpements after 1S 4th suit


  1. within the past week, I have had repeated trouble logging on because of no internet connection. My husband has a second computer in the next room with no interuption in internet service. We have to think it is because of this software on my system. Your comments?

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