Mini Games: Bridge on Holiday

Bridge on holidays

Summer has arrived and holidays are fast approaching! It is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the sunshine while keeping your mind active. 🌞

We have devised 3 bridge and holiday-themed mini games to entertain you during the holidays. Give it a go!

Mini Game #1: Guess the Word

Find the words associated to the definitions below and reveal the hidden word!

Guess the word

1. A card that ranks above all cards of all other suits

2. A bet that a certain number of tricks will be taken

3. The first six tricks taken by declarer

4. A call indicating no desire to bid, double, or redouble at that turn

5. Requiring under special understanding that partner not pass

6. To play a plain-suit card of a suit other than the one led

7. Two players acting as partners

8. The first card played to a trick

Mini Game #2: Maths Puzzle

Use your maths skills to find the missing value.

🌴+ 🌴 +🌴 = 27

🌴+☀️ + ☀️ = 43

☀️+ 🕶️ +🕶️ = 25

☀️+ 🌴 x 🕶️ = ?

Mini Game #3: Wordsearch

Find the words in the puzzle.

Clue: All words are related to bridge and holidays! 😉


Maëlle Therssen

Content Manager

“You love mind games, you are on holiday and you are ready to take up challenges?

Crossword, wordsearch and even maths puzzles… Grab a sun lounger and treat yourself to these mini games. Let your mind embark on a new adventure and solve each puzzle. To view the solutions, just click on the ‘Solution’ button below each mini-game.

Good luck, and most importantly have fun! 😉”