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Dominique Fonteneau’s answers

There is no question of passing and letting 3become the final contract. This contract can easily make, whereas a game is possible on your side. Remember: Overcalls in your very short suits must incite you to take actions.

4 Diamond

20/20 ✅

This cue bid shows a 5-5 major two-suiter to play in 4♥ or 4♠.

3 Spades

Natural and forcing bid announcing 4♥ on the next round (unless your opponents jump to 5♦).

3 Heart

Same as 3♠, but you should start by bidding the higher-ranking suit with a 5-5 two-suiter.


A take-out double which may work if Partner bids a major, but it can also turn to disaster: 3♦ doubled for =!


If you are lucky enough, it may work. But even with 6 HCP only, you must do something! This hand is very particular. A slam is possible opposite ♠AQJ5 ♥A5 ♦732 ♣AJ102!

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  1. I considered Dominique’s question
    I haven’t learnt cue buds yet . Bridge book guidance suggests when there is equal length in the two major suits bid the lower .
    So I would have bid 3 hearts.

    • After taking a second look, I would transfer to spades because I have 5 & my points are not an issue

  2. I’ve always been told if you have 2 5 card majors you bid spades first. If you have 2 4card majors you bid hearts first. Of course the 4cm not relevant here as you need at least 5 for an overcall. Is this correct?

  3. I would bid 3 hearts, intending to be spades later. I’m in Berkeley, where is everyone, Elder looking for local games. I started a bridge club at the North Berkeley Senior Center before the pandemic

  4. Ha! Loved this, perfect for me to learn, want more! Although I had all the knowledge to answer this correctly with a cue bid, I got it wrong and said 2H.

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