Love’s Legacy – Interview with Anna Jannersten

Interview Anne Janersten

Bringing your dog to the office, playing sports in a team or opening a bottle of champagne… The managing director of Jannersten Förlag, a Swedish manufacturer of bridge equipment since 1939, cultivates “a relaxed working atmosphere”. This family business equips the international bridge cham-pionships.

What made your heart beat during the Covid-19 lockdown?

I trained a lot outdoors and was also surprised to see that I could prepare balanced meals… that tasted great!

What recent act of generosity proved that you had your heart on your hand?

As a mother, I do my best to support organizations that fight to protect children’s rights. The impact of the COVID-19 virus has made the situation even more difficult. So I decided to make a donation to the Giving People organization.

Are you somebody careful?

I think I am a disciplined and responsible person, especially when others may be affected by my actions.

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