The Last Tournament of 2022!

Last 2022 tournament

Here it is: the last special Funbridge Points tournament of 2022! All year round you have been spoiled with this kind of tournament through various events like our recent Christmas tournament. To mark the occasion, we will be running a really special 24-hour only tournament with new terms and conditions on 31 December. Try your luck and earn many prizes!

A first on Funbridge!

The entry fee to the “Last Tournament of 2022” is 5 Diamonds only. After the tournament, half of the Diamonds collected will be redistributed to 10 participants drawn by lot!

In other words, the more participants, the bigger the prize for each winner of the draw! Whatever your bridge level, you have a chance of winning plenty of Diamonds 🙂

A few examples:

  • 1,000 players participate in the tournament. The entry fee is 5 Diamonds. It makes a total of 5,000 Diamonds. The 10 winners of the draw will share half of this amount (that is 2,500 Diamonds) and get 250 Diamonds each! 🙂
  • 2,000 players ► 500 Diamonds per winner 😃
  • 5,000 players 1,250 Diamonds per winner 😱

… AND IT HAS NO LIMIT! So spread the word among your bridge friends 😉

How to participate in the “Last Tournament of 2022”?

The Last Tournament of 2022 is a Funbridge Points tournament of 10 deals scored by MPs.

It will start at 6am (UTC+1) on 31 December 2022 and will end at 6am on 1 January 2023.

The entry fee is 5 Diamonds.

“I hope that many of you will play this last special tournament! It goes without saying that this event is meant to be convivial and relaxed: we’re here to have fun! And who knows, if you’re lucky, you may get a nice surprise to start 2023 off right: a Funbridge account full of Diamonds! Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the Comments section below. I will read them all!”

Justine Mouille
Justine Mouille
Event Manager

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