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The experts’ answers
Deal 1: Ruff-and-discard on the horizon
Deal 2: Prolonging the sequence
Deal 3: Cumbersome minors
Deal 4: Disobedience?
Deal 5: Fight or flight
Deal 6: Hide-and-seek
The winners

The experts’ answers

Deal 1: Ruff-and-discard on the horizon

This is all a question of strategy. Clearly, if the opponents play in 6♣, we will be on lead and all will be well. But how do we go about getting partner to lead a heart against 6♠ and not giving a ruff-and-discard in Diamonds?

Cronier had the time to think about it since it was he who submitted the problem to me: “5♥. I know this deal. At the table, I recommended bidding 5♥, a bid going for 6♦ but with a heart lead against an opposing spade or club contract. I still advocate that.” The other experts were not of the same opinion and most preferred to leave the problem for later, more or less aware of the danger. I have chosen the most detailed and convincing explanations.

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