Sunday Night Question

This Sunday evening, I discuss a deal with Marjorie. She played it during a training session against the polish girls.

Hand North South

Marjorie: “Hi Wilou, look at this deal. I’m really upset! The Polish girls played 3 No-Trump despite the Heart fit and they had nine tricks from the top. On my table, I played 4 Hearts and I went down because I was shortened in trumps. But I have a question about the auction. The Polish answered 1♠ to the 1♥ opening while we bid Drury. Was it normal that we used Drury even with four Spades?”

Me: “Yes, what you did is very well bid. When you respond 1♠, what do you rebid after 2♦? 2♥? That’s only a simple preference with two cards and can be made with as little as 5 points. 3♥? It’s dangerous to go to the three-level if partner has opened with a weak hand in third position.”

Her: “Well yes, the Polish North only said 2♥. South then bid 2NT and North signed off in 3NT thinking she had already shown her fit. It’s true that 3 No-Trump is a better contract here than 4 Hearts. So does this mean it’s pure luck to reach it?”

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