Introducing the big winners of the Team Championship


The 4th and last quarter of the 2016 Team Championship (on Funbridge PC) ended yesterday. We can now announce the big winner!

The winning team of the 2016 edition is…

Les Six Compagnons

The members of Les Six Compagnons are regular players of the Team Championship! They have several victories under their belt: they won in 2013 (team name “Club des Cinq”) and 2015.

Read the interview they gave to Funbridge following their victory last year on our website.

Warm congratulations to the players of the teams Normale and Gap Greece finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively! View Division 1 full rankings

Finally, congratulations and thank you to the 346 teams which took part in the competition!

Podiums per Division:

div2@2xDivision 2 Rankings

Congratulations to the team Rock Attitude which came first in Division 2 with 2,149 points!

View Division 2 full rankings

div3@2xDivision 3 Rankings

Congratulations to the team Falcons which came first in Division 3 with 4,760 points!

View Division 3 full rankings

div4@2xDivision 4 Rankings

Congratulations to the team BridgeAddicts which came first in Division 4 with 11,464 points!

View Division 4 full rankings

2017 Team Championship

The championship as you know it will not be held next year. Instead a new Team Championship based on the same principles but more accessible and offering simplified team management will become available in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!


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