Discover Instant Tournaments

A new game mode called “Instant Tournaments” is now available on Funbridge. Read all the details in this article.

Instant Tournaments

What are they?

These are past federation tournaments that are given a second life and for which results are already known. You are ranked against other players and you earn points awarded by the relevant federation immediately after playing.


  • Tournaments available at any time
  • Ranking known immediately after playing
  • Large number of participants per tournament guaranteed
  • Play as many tournaments as you want
  • Play at your own pace: stop a tournament and resume it whenever you want

Tournaments consist of 10 or 12 deals scored by MPs.

To start with, they are found in ACBL, FFB, NBF, PZBS, AEB and Funbridge Points tournaments. Then they will soon become available for other bridge federations.

How to play?

Open the app and follow the steps below:

  1. Select “Play a tournament” > “Federation Tournaments”.
  2. Select one of the participating federations.
  3. Select “Instant Tournaments”.

⚠️ To players using Funbridge Windows PC version

Please note that instant tournaments are not available in the Windows PC version of Funbridge.

But you can play them using the new online version of Funbridge which is accessible directly from your web browser by clicking the button below:

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  1. When will Funbridge stop ignoring Deal Reports from loyal members?
    After countless requests for contact since 2015, it has become clear the ‘Report a Deal’ function is a hoax.

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