Bridge problem

Who would have thought that partnering a robot could be so much fun?

It’s also much faster than face-to-face bridge: you can play a whole 20-board session in less than an hour. The Funbridge robot, Argine, is not that different from a human partner, except that you do not have to sit quietly and watch him play the dummy. On Funbridge, you become declarer whenever North or South wins the auction.

Playing on Funbridge provides plenty of opportunity to hone your card play skills, as declarer and in defence. This month’s deal, from the bi-monthly, matchpointed Series Tournaments, offered just such a chance. It also confirmed that those situations you read about in textbooks also occur at the table.

You hold the West cards:

Both Vul, Dealer North.

Bridge article I Robot by Mark Smith - Hands North and West
Bridge article I Robot by Mark Smith - Bids

You lead a trump. Argine draws three rounds ending in his hand, partner following twice and discarding a diamond. Declarer then plays a club to dummy’s 10 and partner’s queen.A low diamond comes back and you capture declarer’s queen with the K♦. Over to you.

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