How to play using a computer from 1 September

Until recently you could download Funbridge and play on your computer.

Although these versions of Funbridge are still available, no new enhancements have been made to them over the last few months unlike our version for web browsers which also allows you to play on a computer.

In order to offer you optimum game experience and security level and serve your best interests, we have decided to stop the downloadable versions for PC and Mac.

So our version for web browsers will become the only way to play on Funbridge from a computer starting on 1 September 2021

Our answers to your questions

Click on the links below to read our answers to the frequently asked questions about the switch to the version of Funbridge for web browsers:

What is this version and how to get it? ►

The version of Funbridge for web browsers, also known as, will allow you to play on Funbridge from any computer without prior installation.

To access it, type into the URL area of your usual web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.).

What are the differences with downloadable versions? ►

On Funbridge for web browsers, you will find all the features and game modes available in the downloadable versions for computers plus many other options like:

  • Multiplayer game modes to play with others (your usual partner or unknown players) with or without camera and microphone (it’s up to you to enable them)

  • Event tournaments throughout the year

  • More bidding and card play conventions

  • More partner federations and new types of federation tournaments (instant tournaments, tournaments open to players according to their national ranking, etc.)

  • … and much more!

Use the version of Funbridge for web browsers and you will always enjoy the latest functionality without having to update.

You don’t need to install the software on your computer, thus freeing up space on your hard disk 😊

How do I log into my account with this version? ►

Use the same account details as usual to log in. Here’s how to log in on

  1. Your Funbridge username OR account email address

  2. Your account password

  3. Click on Log in

Of course, your game history and Funbridge settings will remain unchanged.

I can’t log in, help! ►

Don’t panic, we are here to support you!

  • You can’t remember your password? Click “I forgot my password”.

  • Are you experiencing any other issues preventing you from accessing your account? Seek assistance from our customer service now. They will get back to you asap.

How much does it cost? ►

This version of Funbridge comes with no extra charge.

How can I continue to open Funbridge via an icon on my desktop? ►

All you have to do is create an internet shortcut on your desktop.

For instructions on how to create an internet shortcut depending on your operating system and internet browser, click here (wikiHow).

Why is it no longer possible to download Funbridge on a computer? ►

At Funbridge, our priority is to provide all our players with the best quality of service. To do so, the app must be as stable and secure as possible.

By focusing our efforts on the maintenance and development of three versions of the game (iOS and Android for smartphones/tablets and the online version of Funbridge for computers) instead of six currently (we also have downloadable versions for PC/Mac and a version for the Mac App Store), we are automatically increasing our capacity to offer you and all our players an optimum level of technical quality, regular updates and a more efficient customer service.

I don’t want to play online ►

The downloadable version of Funbridge you are used to is already constantly connected to the internet. So, you were already playing online. Without knowing it maybe.

Indeed, the Funbridge software you downloaded didn’t include the robot Argine. Your computer would be overwhelmed with calculations. So Argine works remotely and sends instructions to your computer, which requires an internet connection.

I don’t want to play on Funbridge via a web browser ►

It’s your choice and we respect it. However, due to the maintenance and security requirements detailed above, we have no other alternative to offer for you to play on a computer from 1 September.

Note that your choice not to use the online version of Funbridge shall not be grounds for any partial or full refunds of your purchases (subscriptions and packs of deals or Diamonds). Indeed, by giving you the possibility to continue playing on a computer via our version for web browsers, we are providing a service identical to that at the time of purchase.

We also remind you that you can play on your smartphone or tablet by downloading the Funbridge app from the App Store for iPhone/iPad and from the Google Play Store for Android devices. Open the app and enter your usual username or email address and password to log into your account. Your game history and settings will remain unchanged.

We are here if needed and listen to your comments and suggestions

We are aware that the online version of Funbridge will be a major change for those of you who currently play with a downloadable version for computers. Design, interface, information displayed on screen… You will probably need some time to familiarise with it.

But if you want to get help on how to use it or share your opinion on it, our customer service remains at your disposal.

Our staff will help you in any way they can and make it easy for you to get started with this version in the best conditions and will share your feedback with the relevant people at Funbridge. Your comments and suggestions are essential to help us offer you a game in line with your expectations. So, feel free to tell us what you think!


  1. I don’t understand. I am not computer-savvy, far from it. I can barely open Funbridge as it is. Please tell me in English how I will carry on my enjoyment of Funbridge after Sept. 1/

    I don’t know how to do what you say we need to do.

  2. The card play is dreadfully slow on the browser version — so much so that the game is nearly unplayable. Please reconsider this change.

    • Hi Will,

      Thanks for your feedback. Do you talk about the time spent by Argine to play or about the animation speed? For your information you can increase/decrease the animation speed in “Settings” > “Game table, display and ergonomics” > “Animation speed”.

      Best regards,
      Jonathan – Team Funbridge

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