Happy New Year 2016!


Happy New Year 2016 to you and the whole Funbridge community! We would like to thank you from the bottom of our H for your continued support.

We hope that many of you will still have fun playing Funbridge and that you will enjoy the next new features as much as we do when developing them.

But before that, we wanted to review the highlights of 2015 with you…

img1_enA single account for several devices

Just one year ago you were given the possibility to play Funbridge on smartphones, tablets, Mac and PC using a single account and above all, a single subscription!

img2_enMore detailed results

The result window at the end of the deal was constantly improved throughout the year, the display of leads in rankings being the latest new feature.

An analysis of your play was also added to help you better understand your possible mistakes.

For every deal, you can now see the highest possible contract to make without East-West being able to prevent you from doing so (deal par).

img3_enA more “social” app

On your behalf, Funbridge found opponents available to play against you thanks to “matchmaking”.

In parallel, you were able to challenge the whole community and write to any player.

The redesigned visiting card also allowed you to access your details and those of other players in the blink of an eye.

img4_enA worldwide app

Funbridge was translated into 11 languages: French, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Chinese!

img5_enCard play conventions

You were given the possibility to set your card play conventions as well as bidding conventions in your app settings.

img6_enJust like a real table

Still with the aim of getting closer to human behaviour, the app artificial intelligence (Argine) was updated at a rate of one new version every fortnight!

The “Claim” button was optimised to deal with more cases, especially when trumps are left in opponents’ hands.

We also added alerts to the game table to avoid any misunderstanding with your partner.

End of the 2015 Team Championship

The team Les Six Compagnons won the 2015 Team Championship (new format) on Funbridge PC.

Read the interview of the team members here.

img8_enFunbridge Quiz 2

Funbridge Quiz 2 was released two years after the success of the first version.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Funbridge Quiz is the ideal application to test your knowledge with questions & answers.


As the reference bridge software in France since 1994, the brand-new GOTO Bridge XVI – available in English – was released in late 2015, offering many new features.

Find out more at www.gotobridge.com

2016 has just started but we are already happy to inform you that we are preparing nice surprises for the coming months! Stay tuned!

Enjoy playing tournaments and have fun on Funbridge!



  1. I will not play again. I have played hundreds of times but don’t seem to improve. I feel I am wasting money. I believe in some instances I am playing against a computer, maybe all instances. I will be searching for a site which will give more instructions, preferably a free site. New Year Blessings to all of you. Jane Harris

  2. I am sorry to hear that as I love this site so much! I have met many friends and am improving each year as I come to understand more and more of how to analyze my hand and the sequence of bidding.

  3. How do I cancel the automatic subscription…I will still play but don’t want the subscription I have anymore?

  4. Je suis membre depuis l’an dernier. (Window2010) chongos est mon nickname.guy5beaulieu@gmail.com Après ma lecture de la revue le bridger j”ai su qu’il y avait eu des amélioration j’ai communiqué par le biais de mon ordinateur pour savoir comment faire.je n’ai reçu aucune réponse.merci

    • Bonjour Guy, pour profiter des dernières améliorations apportées à l’application Funbridge, vous devez la télécharger à partir des stores d’applications tels que l’App Store ou le Google Play, puis l’installer sur un smartphone ou sur une tablette si vous en possédez un/une. Notez que les dernières nouveautés ne concernent pas le logiciel Funbridge pour PC, pour le moment. Elles arriveront plus tard dans l’année. Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter via le formulaire de contact disponible ici : http://www.funbridge.com/fr/contact. Merci !

  5. Hi Karen, after verification you don’t have any susbcription for now, which means you have no ongoing automatic renewal.

  6. I am not very happy with Funbridge. Both me and my husband (Robert Hebdon) are playing a lot and we got the same frustrations. Since we are playing with 3 computer,s using the same conventions as us, it would be expected that for a given game, the partner of the declarant will answer to the same bid in an identical way. However, comparing the bid of our team with that of other players ( the most successful ones), I realized that this is never the case – it is like my partner plays a different game than the partners of other players – for example, ( I, the declarant ) stop the bid at 3NT and my partner forces a 7NT with 11 points, in a color I never supported , in which he has one single HCP , a King. How than can I then be then compared with the successful players, who successfully stopped at 3NT and made it!
    Very often, I start now not trusting the bid of my computer-partner, because he does not respect the rules clearly displayed on the screen.
    Another complaint – according to both me and my husband, the finesse in Funbridge has less than 10% chance of success,( instead of 50%) – it is almost useless to try it…
    Also, the lead of my computer-partner is very strange – for example he does not always respect the rule lead 4th of the strongest in a NT, or in the color bid by the partner ( Often, after a failed game, I compare my result with that of successful players with the identical bidding sequence; the difference is just in the lead…) Interestingly, those rules are respected by the opponent-computers.
    I think that the Funbridge algorithms should still be improved. I do my part by signaling the most regrettable biding errors ( of course only a few of them), but somebody should care about that.

    Mariana Ciureanu

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