Discover the Funbridge Monthly Challenges

As you may know, Funbridge has the privilege of having many national bridge federations as partners and as such hosts bridge tournaments awarding participants with official federation points (Masterpoints, Expert Points, Experience Points, etc.).
On top of playing this type of tournaments in their bridge clubs, club members can thus move up their national rankings directly on Funbridge.
Every month we draw up a ranking list for each federation according to the number of official points earned by the participants over the month. This same list will be used as a basis for the next Funbridge Monthly Challenges.Get ready to be spoilt! 🙂

Bridge Federations partners of the Monthly Challenge

What is Funbridge Monthly Challenges?

Thanks to the Monthly Challenges, your results and participations in federation tournaments will soon be rewarded!

Indeed, with this new competition, the top 3 players of the month will receive prizes!

But there is more to it… Every month 5 players will be randomly selected and they will get presents too! In other words, everyone can win J

To access federation tournaments rankings, go to Play a tournament > Federations Tournaments > Rankings.

What are the rules to participate?

To take part in Funbridge Monthly Challenges and have a chance to win one of the prizes, you must play at least 1 tournament (all the deals) for one of the federations involved.

Which tournaments are included in Funbridge Monthly Challenges?

Funbridge Points tournaments Funbridge Points tournaments
2 daily tournaments
Funbridge Monthly Challenge: FFB tournaments FFB tournaments
Daily tournaments
Funbridge Monthly Challenge: ACBL tournaments ACBL tournaments
2 daily tournaments
EBU tournaments EBU tournaments
1 daily tournament
NBF tournaments NBF tournaments
1 daily tournament
TBF tournaments TBF tournaments
1 daily tournament

As federation tournaments are open to all (there is no need to be a member of one of the federations mentioned above to participate), you can play 5 Funbridge Monthly Challenges every month, optimising your chances to win a prize.

Funbridge Monthly Challenges: what are the prizes?

At the end of each month, the top 3 players will receive:

1st: 300 Diamonds♦️
2nd: 200 Diamonds♦️
3rd: 100 Diamonds♦️

The 5 players chosen by lot will receive 100 Diamonds♦️

Diamonds are the virtual currency available in Funbridge that allows you to play in federation tournaments.