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Funbridge is getting multiplayer mode!

Play against real bridge players, with or without a partner!

Over the last few months, many of you have expressed the desire to have a multiplayer mode coming to Funbridge and be able to feel the thrill of playing bridge with friends like in clubs.

Your wish is granted! You are now able to play bridge with other human players at a virtual table on Funbridge free of extra charge (the Multiplayer mode doesn’t require to spend Diamonds, the virtual currency on Funbridge, but you still need to have deals on your account or an ongoing subscription to play on Funbridge).

Three options for multiplayer games

Play with my partner

Invite your partner and start playing together now.

Take me to a table

Let Funbridge find a partner for you and start playing now.

Create a private table

Create your own table and invite your friends to join you.


Please update your app if you can’t see the multiplayer mode on the home screen of the Funbridge app using your smartphone or tablet.

Like our other latest new features, the multiplayer mode is not available in the downloadable version of Funbridge for PC and Mac. Follow this link and log in to our online version to be able to play multiplayer games on a PC or Mac.

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9 mois plus tôt

Do not click on the “Follow this link and log in to our online version to be able to play multiplayer games on a PC or Mac” webpage under Important above because there is a new look/display (well for me anyway) on how the cards and hands are presented. The previous deal no longer shows, the value of your hand is missing, and if you press exit because the computer is not responding, then it decides that’s the end of that game and you will get a very low score.
How do I get the original website display back?

Sylvia Schwartz
Sylvia Schwartz
9 mois plus tôt

Will the new functions be available via the iPhone app?

9 mois plus tôt

How is this free of charge?! Trying to access “Relax mode” results in “You don’t have enough credit to play.”

9 mois plus tôt

Had my first encounter with multiplayer mode yesterday. Thanks, this is a great improvement although we were struggling in the beginning as we did not realize that the desktop version did not support multiplayer mode. Couple of development suggestions:
– There is no possibility to analyze the deals afterwards (as there is a similar option in normal Funbridge deals)
– Same comment related to comparing deals to other tables
– Claiming remaining tricks is difficult as the claim window is on top of the cards. Others do not see the cards when the declarer is claiming (at least this was the case in the iPad version).