Funbridge has been given a facelift! [Updated article]

If you are having trouble installing this new version, a help section is available at the end of this article.

The PC version of Funbridge will be upgraded on Thursday 11 May. From that date onwards, your software program will be automatically updated so you can enjoy the improvements and features that have been made and added to Funbridge over the last few months.

Once installed, just log in using your usual login details. Your current subscription and deals credit will remain the same.

Discover the new PC version of Funbridge
Improved game modes and optimised features

A new Team Championship

6 divisions, 15 deals every fortnight, teams of 4-6 players

Less constraining series tournaments

– Start in the “New” series and enter one of the 12 series available later
– Play only 1 tournament to secure your place
– Promotion and relegation thresholds are announced when the period starts
– “Inactive” series to avoid continuous relegation when you are away

Enhanced challenges

Tournaments sanctioned by the French, Swiss and Norwegian Bridge Federations

Find a player more easily

User-friendly instant messaging available anytime

Your favorite game modes are still available

Tournaments of the Day

Commented Tournaments

Practice Deals

Face the Elites

Exclusive Tournaments (Open)


Coming soon!

Live broadcast of bridge matches
2017 World Bridge Championships held in Lyon

Group Messaging
To chat with several players at the same time

We hope that you will like this new version as much as we do. Feel free to give us your opinion by filling in this contact form.


Automatic update does not work / I can’t install this new version
– Download the new software at this address:
– Then follow the installation instructions
– Once installed, click on the new icon on the desktop of your computer (see below) then log in with your usual identifiers (email address or pseudo + password).

New icon
(We recommend deleting the old “FB V2” orange icon)

I do not know my password
– Click on “I forgot my password” and an email will be sent to the address you have filled in.

I can’t find my tournaments anymore
Tournaments are now accessible via the 3 buttons on the main screen:
– The “Play a tournament” button allows you to play Tournaments of the Day, Series Tournaments, Team Championship and the Federation Tournaments.
– The “Practice” button gives you access to Practice Deals, Face the Elites, Commented Tournaments and Exclusive Tournaments (new name for Open Tournaments).
– The “Challenge a player” button allows you to challenge any player of Funbridge.

I can’t find my Series ranking anymore
– Series are now ranked from Series 1 (the strongest) to Series 11 (the weakest).
– The old series no longer exist. They were only understandable for French players as they were based on the French Bridge Federation ranking (but Funbridge welcomes players from around the world).
– You will quickly reach a level corresponding to the one you had on the old PC version.
To find out more about how series tournaments work, we invite you to read the relevant section of our FAQ:

– You can open the Funbridge menu by clicking on the 3 bars located at the top left of the software window.
– This menu allows you to access: your friends / your messages / your account / the shop / the settings (see next point).

Settings / options at the table
– By default, this new version pre-selects for you the color of the cards. You can disable this setting by going to the software settings (via the menu). Choose “Automatic”, “Manual” or “Never”.
– You can also choose your bidding and card play conventions from the settings.

Feel free to contact the Funbridge Support:
The Funbridge Team.


  1. This is an ugly version. very user unfriendly.
    Nobody is able to work with it . All the is data (name class etc.) is lost.
    Why do you throw away a nice piece of work and replace it by something nonvalueable.
    With this update you loose me as (very active) friend/member.

  2. Die neue version ist unmöglich,wenn Sie nicht in die alte version zurückändern,werden wir unseren vertrag nicht verlängern

  3. Indeed this is a very poor update. The design we used to was much better.
    Been member for years but now i’min doubt.
    What happened to our ranking? till today i was 2SA.
    Do we have to start from zero?

  4. Very confused and annoyed. I don’t know if my level ( 1C ) has translated to the new system or has simply disappeared. I tried to log in but the screen has frozen. Have had a brief play in what might have been a trial program and found it had odd pauses or hesitations or too many clicks required to do an operation. Then the screen froze. Yuk. Can’t work with this. Have to request my money back.

  5. I do not like your so called “facelift” at all.Why change something what worked quite well? I’ll be cancelling my subscription.

  6. What the hell are you doing? Please get back to the old version of FB2. This doesn’t work and I will have to stop playing Fb, after 8 years membership.

  7. I am a member since 2011 and my scores and classification (elite) were the result of years of playng and deals; in one click you have cancelled all my efforts!
    Apart from the really ugly (my opinion) new version, I subscribed to a different type of game!
    At least you should restore classification and previous types of tournament; otherwise you should return me the payment for subscrition, that ends next November.

  8. I am very upset and unhappy with your sudden elimination of FB2. You killed a whole community. I regret to have paid you one year in advance. I consider this as a breach of contract. My trust in FB is gone forever.

  9. My grandma has played funbridge for many years and she is very upset about the new update, she cant play anymore, maybe time for change back?

  10. Hello everyone,

    We are aware of the difficulties you are facing with the transition to this new version and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Answers have been added at the end of this article to help you. Please consult them.

    The Funbridge team.

  11. Change can be difficult, especially for a group like ourselves where I guess average age is relatively high. However, I have to agree with the comments already listed. The previous version was well used and well loved. Clear, easy to navigate and containing a lot of useful historical data. It was far preferable to this ‘juvenile’ replacement
    Where did this new version come from? – was it from a mountain of complaints from your huge fan base? – if this was not the case then why change?
    I/we feel patronised. You have treated a population of intelligent human beings like children. Instead of asking us for potential changes you are telling us that this version is good for us because you know better. Your hit on subscriptions will tell you that this is a mistake.
    Be bold, step back and, may I suggest, offer a choice of versions – see what the punters, your subscribers, believe is the most appropriate and used friendly.

  12. seit gestern versuche ich verzweifelt die alte Version wieder zu bekommen,
    geht nicht, habe ich jetzt begriffen.
    1. Warum wird einem nicht mitgeteilt, dass es nur noch eine neue Version gibt.
    2. Wer hat sich das ausgedacht, wenn ich eine Karte anklicke, dann erscheinen nur noch die Karten dieser Farbe in Großformat,
    ich bin nicht sehbehindert, es stört ungemein und ich kann auch nicht bei
    “Einstellungen” diesen Quatsch rückgängigmachen.
    3. sollte sich nichts ändern, werde ich funbridge nicht mehr spielen.

  13. This is a very bad upgrade. I hate it and want to discontinue membership .I loved the old Funbridge, now I will just have to play GoTo bridge.
    Plwase send me an email confirming my request, and refund any money I have paid past this date of May 12, 2017
    Thank you
    Clare Lazarow

  14. Dear Funbridge
    I understand your desire to want to improve Funbridge, and clearly you have put a great deal of work into the new features such as asking for hints on bidding and play, but the playing interface with the user is very unfriendly, and the loss of the old rankings which many users have spent years working their way through is really unforgiveable. I’m sure you could have introduced the best of the new features into the old version of FB without radically changing the appearance, and everyone would have been much happier. I find I’m just not enjoying playing bridge now, so please give consideration to asking users which version they would like to use and have the courage to acknowledge that forcing everyone to use the new version wasn’t the best thing to do perhaps. Thank you.

  15. Well…what Genius thought this up this mess….and now we have NOTFUNBRIDGE…I should not have been spending 4 hours of the day having “fun” anyway, Now I sleep late and miss FUNBRIDGE very much! I miss seeing the familiar names and how they do game by game and day by day. Even the opening page is BORING!! I did manage to figure out how to play it and even that made it more BORING!!! But THANK YOU for the past 3 years….but DO NOT auto renew me…Funbridge is over for me.

  16. This new version is truly dreadful. I’ve got no interest in continuing to use it, and will change to another programme; No Fear Bridge, for example. In the meantime, I too would like the rest of my subscription money back, please. Please confirm the refund via my email address, and then delete me from your database.

  17. i cancelled my menmbership und asked to pay my money back ( they will not do this).

    I liked the old version, but the new ( fürchterlich )

  18. Dear Funbridge
    I have previously posted about the upgrade, and have truly tried to persevere with the new version, but I really can’t go on with it. The bottom line is that I’m just not enjoying playing bridge online with Funbridge any more – it’s just frustrating! Visually it just doesn’t work.

  19. Why is the new version so slow, this does not allow you to focus on the game… I just get the square turning around all the time

  20. Diese neue Version unterscheidet sich nicht von der Gratis-Version im Internet und macht keinen Spaß mehr. Sollte das so bleiben, werde ich meinen Vertrag nicht mehr verlängern.

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